This blog was initially set up to keep our friends and family in the loop with what we were up to, where we were in the world, our current schemings as well as our future plans. These topics are often erratic and dynamic for us, ever changing and always in motion; a blog became a necessity; emailing friends and family became entirely too time consuming and difficult thanks to our regular lack of internet during our travels. A blog was the only way to keep everyone in the loop. Voila!

After some time of the blog being our form of communication, we started receiving attention from strangers interested in our journey and it kind of freaked us out to know that we were putting so much of our personal lives on the internet for the entire world to potentially view. Needless to say, it scared us away a bit and the blog slowly faded out of our lives.

However, we’ve recently realized that our newest endeavors; 1) spending a year in Antarctica and experiencing our first winter and 2) beginning the process of being owner-builders of our own home, were things that people might be interested in. They are also things that we’re excited to share with others who might have interest in doing either of these things. So please feel free to contact us with any questions, if you find the blog being too vague on a particular topic.

At the risk of feeling exposed by the far reaching world wide web, we’re going to share some of our story again.


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  1. cdharris6480 says:

    Glad to hear it – I’ve missed your posts!

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